sgpp::datadriven::MultiGridRefinementFunctor Class Referenceabstract

Abstract super-class for refinement functors operating on multiple grids. More...

#include <MultiGridRefinementFunctor.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for sgpp::datadriven::MultiGridRefinementFunctor:
sgpp::base::RefinementFunctor sgpp::datadriven::DataBasedRefinementFunctor sgpp::datadriven::GridPointBasedRefinementFunctor sgpp::datadriven::MultiSurplusRefinementFunctor sgpp::datadriven::ZeroCrossingRefinementFunctor sgpp::datadriven::MultipleClassRefinementFunctor

Public Member Functions

virtual size_t getNumGrids ()=0
 Returns the number of grids the functor can / does refine. More...
virtual void preComputeEvaluations ()
 Used if expensive computations (eg. More...
virtual void setGridIndex (size_t grid_index)=0
 Sets the index (into the vector of grids) of the grid to be refined. More...
virtual ~MultiGridRefinementFunctor ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from sgpp::base::RefinementFunctor
virtual size_t getRefinementsNum () const
 Returns the maximal number of points that should be refined. More...
virtual double getRefinementThreshold () const =0
 Returns the threshold for refinement. More...
virtual double getTotalRefinementValue (GridStorage &storage) const
 Returns the total sum of local (error) indicators used for refinement. More...
virtual double operator() (GridStorage &storage, size_t seq) const =0
 This should be returning a refinement value for every grid point. More...
 RefinementFunctor ()
 Constructor. More...
virtual double start () const =0
 Returns the lower bound of refinement criterion (e.g., alpha or error) (lower bound). More...
virtual ~RefinementFunctor ()
 Destructor. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from sgpp::base::RefinementFunctor
typedef double value_type

Detailed Description

Abstract super-class for refinement functors operating on multiple grids.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~MultiGridRefinementFunctor()

virtual sgpp::datadriven::MultiGridRefinementFunctor::~MultiGridRefinementFunctor ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ getNumGrids()

virtual size_t sgpp::datadriven::MultiGridRefinementFunctor::getNumGrids ( )
pure virtual

◆ preComputeEvaluations()

virtual void sgpp::datadriven::MultiGridRefinementFunctor::preComputeEvaluations ( )

◆ setGridIndex()

virtual void sgpp::datadriven::MultiGridRefinementFunctor::setGridIndex ( size_t  grid_index)
pure virtual

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