sgpp::datadriven::StreamingModOCLFastMultiPlatform::KernelMultTranspose< T > Class Template Reference

#include <KernelMultTranspose.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 KernelMultTranspose (std::shared_ptr< base::OCLDevice > device, size_t dims, std::shared_ptr< base::OCLManagerMultiPlatform > manager, json::Node &kernelConfiguration, std::shared_ptr< base::QueueLoadBalancerMutex > queueBalancerMultTranpose)
 Creates a new instance of the kernel. More...
double multTranspose (std::vector< T > &level, std::vector< T > &index, std::vector< T > &dataset, std::vector< T > &source, std::vector< T > &result, const size_t start_index_grid, const size_t end_index_grid, const size_t start_index_data, const size_t end_index_data)
void resetKernel ()
 ~KernelMultTranspose ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ KernelMultTranspose()

template<typename T >
sgpp::datadriven::StreamingModOCLFastMultiPlatform::KernelMultTranspose< T >::KernelMultTranspose ( std::shared_ptr< base::OCLDevice device,
size_t  dims,
std::shared_ptr< base::OCLManagerMultiPlatform manager,
json::Node kernelConfiguration,
std::shared_ptr< base::QueueLoadBalancerMutex queueBalancerMultTranpose 

Creates a new instance of the kernel.

deviceThe device managed by this instance
dimsthe dimension of the dataset and grid
managerthe OpenCL platform mananger of the operation instance
kernelConfigurationkernel configuration for this device
queueBalancerMultTranposeload balancer of the operation

References json::Node::getBool(), and json::Node::getUInt().

◆ ~KernelMultTranspose()

Member Function Documentation

◆ multTranspose()

template<typename T >
double sgpp::datadriven::StreamingModOCLFastMultiPlatform::KernelMultTranspose< T >::multTranspose ( std::vector< T > &  level,
std::vector< T > &  index,
std::vector< T > &  dataset,
std::vector< T > &  source,
std::vector< T > &  result,
const size_t  start_index_grid,
const size_t  end_index_grid,
const size_t  start_index_data,
const size_t  end_index_data 

◆ resetKernel()

template<typename T >
void sgpp::datadriven::StreamingModOCLFastMultiPlatform::KernelMultTranspose< T >::resetKernel ( )

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