sgpp::datadriven::DensityOCLMultiPlatform::KernelCreateGraph< T > Class Template Reference

OpenCL kernel class for operation to create a k nearest neighbor graph. More...

#include <KernelCreateGraph.hpp>

Public Member Functions

void begin_graph_creation (size_t startid, size_t chunksize)
 Runs the opencl kernel to find the k nearest neighbors of all datapoints in the given chunk. More...
double finalize_graph_creation (std::vector< int > &result, size_t startid, size_t chunksize)
 KernelCreateGraph (std::shared_ptr< base::OCLDevice > dev, size_t dims, size_t k, std::vector< T > &data, std::shared_ptr< base::OCLManagerMultiPlatform > manager, json::Node &kernelConfiguration)
 ~KernelCreateGraph ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void augmentDefaultParameters (sgpp::base::OCLOperationConfiguration &parameters)
 Adds all possible building parameters to the configuration if they do not exist yet. More...

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class sgpp::datadriven::DensityOCLMultiPlatform::KernelCreateGraph< T >

OpenCL kernel class for operation to create a k nearest neighbor graph.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ KernelCreateGraph()

template<typename T>
sgpp::datadriven::DensityOCLMultiPlatform::KernelCreateGraph< T >::KernelCreateGraph ( std::shared_ptr< base::OCLDevice dev,
size_t  dims,
size_t  k,
std::vector< T > &  data,
std::shared_ptr< base::OCLManagerMultiPlatform manager,
json::Node kernelConfiguration 

◆ ~KernelCreateGraph()

Member Function Documentation

◆ augmentDefaultParameters()

template<typename T>
static void sgpp::datadriven::DensityOCLMultiPlatform::KernelCreateGraph< T >::augmentDefaultParameters ( sgpp::base::OCLOperationConfiguration parameters)

◆ begin_graph_creation()

◆ finalize_graph_creation()

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