sgpp::combigrid::AbstractEvaluator< V > Class Template Referenceabstract

Abstract base class for one-dimensional numerical evaluation methods. More...

#include <AbstractEvaluator.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for sgpp::combigrid::AbstractEvaluator< V >:
sgpp::combigrid::AbstractLinearEvaluator< V >

Public Member Functions

virtual std::shared_ptr< AbstractEvaluator< V > > clone ()=0
 Clones the AbstractEvaluator object. More...
virtual V eval ()=0
 Evaluates the numerical method on the already set grid points. More...
virtual EvaluatorConfiguration getConfig ()
 (Currently not used). More...
virtual bool needsOrderedPoints ()=0
virtual bool needsParameter ()=0
virtual void setBasisCoefficientsAtGridPoints (std::vector< double > &newBasisCoefficients)=0
 set the basis coefficients for the linear combination. More...
virtual void setConfig (EvaluatorConfiguration newEvalConfig)
virtual void setGridPoints (std::vector< double > const &xValues)=0
 Sets the grid points for evaluation. More...
void setLevel (size_t level)
 This is used to set the level in case an evaluator needs it. More...
virtual void setParameter (V const &param)=0
 Via this method, the parameter can be set. More...
virtual ~AbstractEvaluator ()

Protected Attributes

EvaluatorConfiguration evalConfig
size_t level = 0

Detailed Description

template<typename V>
class sgpp::combigrid::AbstractEvaluator< V >

Abstract base class for one-dimensional numerical evaluation methods.

Currently, only its derived class AbstractLinearEvaluator is used.

The template parameter is used for switching between single-evaluation and multi-evaluation, see FloatArrayVector.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~AbstractEvaluator()

template<typename V>
virtual sgpp::combigrid::AbstractEvaluator< V >::~AbstractEvaluator ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ clone()

◆ eval()

◆ getConfig()

template<typename V>
virtual EvaluatorConfiguration sgpp::combigrid::AbstractEvaluator< V >::getConfig ( )

(Currently not used).

Via the template type V, multiple arrays of function values for multiple functions might be specified and a result for each of these functions should be returned. This could be used in an alternative implementation to FullGridTensorEvaluator that would also be able to handle non-linear one-dimensional methods.

type of the operation

◆ needsOrderedPoints()

◆ needsParameter()

◆ setBasisCoefficientsAtGridPoints()

◆ setConfig()

template<typename V>
virtual void sgpp::combigrid::AbstractEvaluator< V >::setConfig ( EvaluatorConfiguration  newEvalConfig)

◆ setGridPoints()

◆ setLevel()

template<typename V>
void sgpp::combigrid::AbstractEvaluator< V >::setLevel ( size_t  level)

This is used to set the level in case an evaluator needs it.

◆ setParameter()

Member Data Documentation

◆ evalConfig

◆ level

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