sgpp::datadriven::HyperParameter Class Referenceabstract

Class to represent a hyperparameter. More...

#include <HyperParameter.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for sgpp::datadriven::HyperParameter:
sgpp::datadriven::ContinuousParameter sgpp::datadriven::DiscreteParameter

Public Member Functions

 HyperParameter ()
 Default constructor for implicit use by data structures. More...
 HyperParameter (size_t nBits, std::string &name)
 Normal constructor. More...
void makeConfigBits (std::vector< ConfigurationBit *> &configBits)
 Connects parameter to bit representation in harmonica. More...
virtual void setHarmonica ()=0
 sets value according to the associated bits More...
virtual ~HyperParameter ()=default
 Default Destructor. More...

Protected Attributes

std::vector< ConfigurationBitbits
 associated configuration bits for harmonica More...
std::string name
 name of the hyperparameter More...
size_t nBits
 number of bits for harmonica More...

Detailed Description

Class to represent a hyperparameter.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ HyperParameter() [1/2]

sgpp::datadriven::HyperParameter::HyperParameter ( )

Default constructor for implicit use by data structures.

◆ HyperParameter() [2/2]

sgpp::datadriven::HyperParameter::HyperParameter ( size_t  nBits,
std::string &  name 

Normal constructor.

nBitsnumber of bits for representation in harmonica
namename of the hyperparameter

References makeConfigBits(), setHarmonica(), and ~HyperParameter().

◆ ~HyperParameter()

virtual sgpp::datadriven::HyperParameter::~HyperParameter ( )

Default Destructor.

Referenced by HyperParameter().

Member Function Documentation

◆ makeConfigBits()

void sgpp::datadriven::HyperParameter::makeConfigBits ( std::vector< ConfigurationBit *> &  configBits)

Connects parameter to bit representation in harmonica.


References bits, python.statsfileInfo::i, name, and nBits.

Referenced by HyperParameter().

◆ setHarmonica()

virtual void sgpp::datadriven::HyperParameter::setHarmonica ( )
pure virtual

sets value according to the associated bits

Implemented in sgpp::datadriven::DiscreteParameter, and sgpp::datadriven::ContinuousParameter.

Referenced by HyperParameter().

Member Data Documentation

◆ bits

std::vector<ConfigurationBit> sgpp::datadriven::HyperParameter::bits

◆ name

std::string sgpp::datadriven::HyperParameter::name

name of the hyperparameter

Referenced by makeConfigBits().

◆ nBits

size_t sgpp::datadriven::HyperParameter::nBits

number of bits for harmonica

Referenced by sgpp::datadriven::DiscreteParameter::DiscreteParameter(), and makeConfigBits().

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