sgpp::base::PrecisionConverter Class Reference

Copies data from DataVector objects into DataVectorSP objects and vice versa. More...

#include <PrecisionConverter.hpp>

Static Public Member Functions

static void convertDataMatrixSPToDataMatrix (const sgpp::base::DataMatrixSP &src, sgpp::base::DataMatrix &dest)
 Copies data from DataMatrixSP object into DataMatrix object. More...
static void convertDataMatrixToDataMatrixSP (const sgpp::base::DataMatrix &src, sgpp::base::DataMatrixSP &dest)
 Copies data from DataMatrix object into DataMatrixSP object. More...
static void convertDataVectorSPToDataVector (const sgpp::base::DataVectorSP &src, sgpp::base::DataVector &dest)
 Copies data from DataVectorSP object into DataVector object. More...
static void convertDataVectorToDataVectorSP (const sgpp::base::DataVector &src, sgpp::base::DataVectorSP &dest)
 Copies data from DataVector object into DataVectorSP object. More...

Detailed Description

Copies data from DataVector objects into DataVectorSP objects and vice versa.

Copies data from DataMatrix objects into DataMatrixSP objects and vice versa.

Member Function Documentation

◆ convertDataMatrixSPToDataMatrix()

void sgpp::base::PrecisionConverter::convertDataMatrixSPToDataMatrix ( const sgpp::base::DataMatrixSP src,
sgpp::base::DataMatrix dest 

◆ convertDataMatrixToDataMatrixSP()

void sgpp::base::PrecisionConverter::convertDataMatrixToDataMatrixSP ( const sgpp::base::DataMatrix src,
sgpp::base::DataMatrixSP dest 

◆ convertDataVectorSPToDataVector()

◆ convertDataVectorToDataVectorSP()

void sgpp::base::PrecisionConverter::convertDataVectorToDataVectorSP ( const sgpp::base::DataVector src,
sgpp::base::DataVectorSP dest 

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