sgpp::base::ConvertPrewaveletToLinear Class Reference

Class that implements the transformation of a hierarchical prewavelet sparse grid to a hierarchical linear sparse grid. More...

#include <ConvertPrewaveletToLinear.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 ConvertPrewaveletToLinear (GridStorage &storage)
 Constructor, must be bind to a grid. More...
void operator() (DataVector &source, DataVector &result, grid_iterator &index, size_t dim)
 Converts a given prewavelet base to a normal linear base. More...
 ~ConvertPrewaveletToLinear ()
 Destructor. More...

Protected Types

typedef GridStorage::grid_iterator grid_iterator
typedef index_t index_type
typedef level_t level_type

Protected Attributes

 the grid object More...

Detailed Description

Class that implements the transformation of a hierarchical prewavelet sparse grid to a hierarchical linear sparse grid.

Therefore the ()operator is implemented in order to use the sweep algorithm for the grid traversal. Let the coefficients from the hat basis be \( h_{l,i}\) and from the prewavelet basis \( u_{l,i} \). To calculate the surplusses, temp values are needed:

\[ (l,i)\neq G_{n}^{1}:t_{l,i}=-\frac{6}{10}u_{l,i\pm1}+t_{l+1,2i} \]

All temp values for levels greater than the maximal level of the grid are set to 0. The actual transformation is calculated as follows:

\begin{eqnarray*} h_{l,i}&=&u_{l,i}+\frac{1}{10}u_{l,i\pm2}+t_{l+1,2i}-\frac{1}{2}t_{l,i\pm1}\qquad\mbox{if \ensuremath{(l,i)} is an inner point}\\h_{l,i}&=&\frac{9}{10}u_{l,i}+\frac{1}{10}u_{l,i\pm2}+t_{l+1,2i}-\frac{1}{2}t_{l,i\pm1}\qquad\mbox{if \ensuremath{(l,i)} is at border} \end{eqnarray*}

The picture depicts all needed variables in oder to perform the transformation:

This picture shows all involved gridpoints (red crosses) and temp values (green circles) to calculate the new hierarchical coefficients (red arrows) and new temp values (green arrows).

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ grid_iterator

◆ index_type

◆ level_type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ConvertPrewaveletToLinear()

sgpp::base::ConvertPrewaveletToLinear::ConvertPrewaveletToLinear ( GridStorage storage)

Constructor, must be bind to a grid.

storagethe grid storage object of the the grid, on which the hierarchisation should be executed

◆ ~ConvertPrewaveletToLinear()

sgpp::base::ConvertPrewaveletToLinear::~ConvertPrewaveletToLinear ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ operator()()

void sgpp::base::ConvertPrewaveletToLinear::operator() ( DataVector source,
DataVector result,
grid_iterator index,
size_t  dim 

Member Data Documentation

◆ storage

GridStorage& sgpp::base::ConvertPrewaveletToLinear::storage

the grid object

Referenced by operator()().

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