Help & Resources

  • Downloading SG⁺⁺: See Downloads.
  • GitHub repository: At the SG⁺⁺ GitHub repository, you can browse the source code, download releases, view open and closed issues, and open your own pull requests. If you find a bug in SG⁺⁺, please file a new GitHub issue!
  • SG⁺⁺ User Guide: The SG⁺⁺ User Guide contains installation instructions and simple tutorial examples.
  • Documentation: The SG⁺⁺ Doxygen documentation contains many other examples and detailed information about the C++ interface.
  • Mailing list: All SG⁺⁺ developers and many SG⁺⁺ users are part of the SG⁺⁺ mailing list. The list is mostly used for important announcements for developers, but may also be used for discussing general things and for asking questions.
  • Specific questions: For specific questions about SG⁺⁺, you may also contact Dirk Pflüger directly.