sgpp::base::BatchConfiguration Struct Reference

structure to provide parameters for the BatchLearner More...

#include <BatchConfiguration.hpp>

Public Attributes

size_t batchsize_
 size of one batch More...
std::string filename_
 arff-file to be
double lambda_
 lambda for solving More...
size_t refineEvery_
 refine every xth batch (0=never) More...
size_t samples_
int seed_
 seed for the sampling More...
size_t stack_
 number of last batches alphavectors to be saved (0=all) More...
size_t testsize_
bool verbose_
 verbose flag More...
double wArgument_
 argument for the weighting method More...
int wMode_

Detailed Description

structure to provide parameters for the BatchLearner

Member Data Documentation

size_t sgpp::base::BatchConfiguration::batchsize_

size of one batch

number of samles for the monte carlo sampling (normalization) (0=don't sample) good: 1000

std::string sgpp::base::BatchConfiguration::filename_

arff-file to be read

double sgpp::base::BatchConfiguration::lambda_

lambda for solving

size_t sgpp::base::BatchConfiguration::refineEvery_

refine every xth batch (0=never)

size_t sgpp::base::BatchConfiguration::samples_
int sgpp::base::BatchConfiguration::seed_

seed for the sampling

number of weighting mode to use x = batch#, y = wArgument: 0 = all batches are equal,

size_t sgpp::base::BatchConfiguration::stack_

number of last batches alphavectors to be saved (0=all)

how many items to test from the data following the batch (0=don't test after learned)

size_t sgpp::base::BatchConfiguration::testsize_
bool sgpp::base::BatchConfiguration::verbose_

verbose flag

double sgpp::base::BatchConfiguration::wArgument_

argument for the weighting method

int sgpp::base::BatchConfiguration::wMode_

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