Grid unserialization

In this example we show how to store a grid into a file and how to load it back into a sgpp::base::Grid object.

// We only need the header for dealing with the grid itself here
#include <iostream>
#include <string>
int main() {

First, we create a four-dimensional linear grid of level 5

size_t dim = 4;
std::unique_ptr<Grid> grid(Grid::createLinearGrid(dim));
std::cout << "Size of grid before serialization: " << grid->getSize() << std::endl;

Next, we store the grid to into the /tmp directory

std::filebuf fb;"/tmp/sgde-grid-4391dc6e-54cd-4ca2-9510-a9c02a2889ec.grid", std::ios::out);
std::ostream os(&fb);
os << grid->serialize();

At last, we load the grid from the file back into a new object

std::ifstream ifs("/tmp/sgde-grid-4391dc6e-54cd-4ca2-9510-a9c02a2889ec.grid");
std::string content((std::istreambuf_iterator<char>(ifs)), (std::istreambuf_iterator<char>()));
std::unique_ptr<Grid> new_grid(Grid::unserialize(content));
std::cout << "Size of grid after unserialization: " << new_grid->getSize() << std::endl;