sgpp::datadriven::SystemMatrixLeastSquaresIdentity Class Reference

Class that implements the virtual class base::OperationMatrix for the application of classification for the Systemmatrix. More...

#include <SystemMatrixLeastSquaresIdentity.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for sgpp::datadriven::SystemMatrixLeastSquaresIdentity:
sgpp::datadriven::DMSystemMatrixBase sgpp::base::OperationMatrix

Public Member Functions

virtual void generateb (base::DataVector &classes, base::DataVector &b)
 Generates the right hand side of the classification equation. More...
virtual void mult (base::DataVector &alpha, base::DataVector &result)
 starts the Multiplication with the matrix More...
virtual void prepareGrid ()
 forward declaration More...
void setImplementation (datadriven::OperationMultipleEvalConfiguration operationConfiguration)
 SystemMatrixLeastSquaresIdentity (base::Grid &SparseGrid, base::DataMatrix &trainData, double lambda)
 Std-Constructor. More...
virtual ~SystemMatrixLeastSquaresIdentity ()
 Std-Destructor. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from sgpp::datadriven::DMSystemMatrixBase
 DMSystemMatrixBase (base::DataMatrix &trainData, double lambda)
 Std-Constructor. More...
virtual void getTimers (double &timeMult, double &computeMult, double &timeMultTrans, double &computeMultTrans)
 gets the timer's values by saving them into call by reference values More...
virtual void resetTimers ()
 resets all timers to 0 More...
virtual ~DMSystemMatrixBase ()
 Std-Destructor. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from sgpp::base::OperationMatrix
 OperationMatrix ()
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~OperationMatrix ()
 Destructor. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from sgpp::datadriven::DMSystemMatrixBase
double completeTimeMult_
 time needed for Mult More...
double completeTimeMultTrans_
 time needed for Mult transposed More...
double computeTimeMult_
 time needed only for the computation of mult, interesting on accelerator boards More...
double computeTimeMultTrans_
 time needed only for the computation of mult transposed, interesting on accelerator boards More...
base::DataMatrix dataset_
 the dataset More...
double lambda_
 the lambda, the regularisation parameter More...
 Stopwatch needed to determine the durations of mult and mult transposed. More...

Detailed Description

Class that implements the virtual class base::OperationMatrix for the application of classification for the Systemmatrix.

The Identity matrix is used as regularization operator.

For the Operation B's mult and mutlTransposed functions vectorized formulations are used.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sgpp::datadriven::SystemMatrixLeastSquaresIdentity::SystemMatrixLeastSquaresIdentity ( base::Grid SparseGrid,
base::DataMatrix trainData,
double  lambda 


SparseGridreference to the sparse grid
trainDatareference to base::DataMatrix that contains the training data
lambdathe lambda, the regression parameter

References sgpp::op_factory::createOperationMultipleEval(), sgpp::datadriven::DMSystemMatrixBase::dataset_, and sgpp::base::DataMatrix::getNrows().

sgpp::datadriven::SystemMatrixLeastSquaresIdentity::~SystemMatrixLeastSquaresIdentity ( )


Member Function Documentation

void sgpp::datadriven::SystemMatrixLeastSquaresIdentity::generateb ( base::DataVector classes,
base::DataVector b 

Generates the right hand side of the classification equation.

classesthe class information of the training data
breference to the vector that will contain the result of the matrix vector multiplication on the rhs

Implements sgpp::datadriven::DMSystemMatrixBase.

References sgpp::datadriven::DMSystemMatrixBase::completeTimeMultTrans_, sgpp::datadriven::DMSystemMatrixBase::computeTimeMultTrans_, sgpp::datadriven::DMSystemMatrixBase::myTimer_, sgpp::base::SGppStopwatch::start(), and sgpp::base::SGppStopwatch::stop().

void sgpp::datadriven::SystemMatrixLeastSquaresIdentity::mult ( base::DataVector alpha,
base::DataVector result 
void sgpp::datadriven::SystemMatrixLeastSquaresIdentity::prepareGrid ( )

forward declaration

rebuilds the base::DataMatrix for Level and Index this routine is needed for supporting adaptive grids with vectorized high performance kernels

Reimplemented from sgpp::datadriven::DMSystemMatrixBase.

void sgpp::datadriven::SystemMatrixLeastSquaresIdentity::setImplementation ( datadriven::OperationMultipleEvalConfiguration  operationConfiguration)

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