sgpp::datadriven::DBMatOnlineDEChol Class Reference

#include <DBMatOnlineDEChol.hpp>

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sgpp::datadriven::DBMatOnlineDE sgpp::datadriven::DBMatOnline

Public Member Functions

 DBMatOnlineDEChol (DBMatOffline &offline, Grid &grid, double lambda, double beta=0.)
 Constructor. More...
std::vector< size_t > updateSystemMatrixDecomposition (DensityEstimationConfiguration &densityEstimationConfig, Grid &grid, size_t numAddedGridPoints, std::list< size_t > deletedGridPointIndices, double lambda) override
 Delegates call to choleskyModification. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from sgpp::datadriven::DBMatOnlineDE
void computeDensityFunction (DataVector &alpha, Grid &grid, DensityEstimationConfiguration &densityEstimationConfig, bool do_cv=false)
 Computes the density function again based on the saved b's (only applicable for streaming) More...
void computeDensityFunction (DataVector &alpha, DataMatrix &m, Grid &grid, DensityEstimationConfiguration &densityEstimationConfig, bool save_b=false, bool do_cv=false, std::list< size_t > *deletedPoints=nullptr, size_t newPoints=0)
 Computes the density function for a certain data matrix. More...
 DBMatOnlineDE (DBMatOffline &offline, Grid &grid, double lambda, double beta=0.)
 Constructor. More...
double eval (DataVector &alpha, const DataVector &p, Grid &grid, bool force=false)
 Evaluates the density function at a certain point. More...
void eval (DataVector &alpha, DataMatrix &values, DataVector &results, Grid &grid, bool force=false)
 Evaluates the density function on multiple points. More...
double getBeta ()
 Returns the current weighting factor. More...
bool isComputed ()
 Returns if the surplus has already been computed. More...
double normalize (DataVector &alpha, Grid &grid, size_t samples=1000)
 Normalize the Density. More...
double normalizeQuadrature (DataVector &alpha, Grid &grid)
 Normalize the Density using Quadrature. More...
void setBeta (double beta)
 Sets the weighting factor. More...
void updateRhs (size_t gridSize, std::list< size_t > *deletedPoints)
 Restructures the rhs (b vector) of the system matrix. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from sgpp::datadriven::DBMatOnline
 DBMatOnline (DBMatOffline &o)
 Constructor. More...
 DBMatOnline (const DBMatOnline &rhs)=delete
 DBMatOnline (DBMatOnline &&rhs)=default
DBMatOfflinegetOfflineObject ()
 Returns a reference to the offline object. More...
const DBMatOfflinegetOfflineObject () const
DBMatOnlineoperator= (const DBMatOnline &rhs)=delete
DBMatOnlineoperator= (DBMatOnline &&rhs)=default
void setLambda (double lambda)
 Changes the weighting factor for the regularization term, if possible (might depend on the kind of decomposition for classification) More...
virtual ~DBMatOnline ()=default
 Destructor. More...

Protected Member Functions

DBMatDMSCholbuildCholSolver (DBMatOffline &offlineObject, Grid &grid, DensityEstimationConfiguration &densityEstimationConfig, bool doCV) const
void solveSLE (DataVector &alpha, DataVector &b, Grid &grid, DensityEstimationConfiguration &densityEstimationConfig, bool do_cv) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from sgpp::datadriven::DBMatOnlineDE
double computeL2Error (DataVector &alpha, Grid &grid)
double resDensity (DataVector &alpha, Grid &grid)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from sgpp::datadriven::DBMatOnlineDE
double beta
DataVector bSave
DataVector bTotalPoints
bool functionComputed
double lambda
double normFactor
size_t oDim
size_t totalPoints
- Protected Attributes inherited from sgpp::datadriven::DBMatOnline

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sgpp::datadriven::DBMatOnlineDEChol::DBMatOnlineDEChol ( DBMatOffline offline,
Grid grid,
double  lambda,
double  beta = 0. 


offlineThe offline object we base our evaluations on.
lambdaThe regularization strength (TODO(fuchsgruber) remove this)
gridThe underlying grid (TODO(fuchsgruber) do we need this?)
betaThe initial weighting factor

References grid(), and sgpp::datadriven::DBMatOnlineDE::lambda.

Member Function Documentation

DBMatDMSChol * sgpp::datadriven::DBMatOnlineDEChol::buildCholSolver ( DBMatOffline offlineObject,
Grid grid,
DensityEstimationConfiguration densityEstimationConfig,
bool  doCV 
) const
std::vector< size_t > sgpp::datadriven::DBMatOnlineDEChol::updateSystemMatrixDecomposition ( DensityEstimationConfiguration densityEstimationConfig,
Grid grid,
size_t  numAddedGridPoints,
std::list< size_t >  deletedGridPointIndices,
double  lambda 

Delegates call to choleskyModification.

densityEstimationConfigConfiguration to the density estimation
gridthe underlying grid
numAddedGridPointsNumber of grid points inserted at the end of the grid storage
deletedGridPointIndicesIndices of grid points that were deleted
lambdaThe last best lambda value
list of grid points, that cannot be coarsened

Reimplemented from sgpp::datadriven::DBMatOnline.

References sgpp::datadriven::DBMatOnline::getOfflineObject(), and sgpp::datadriven::DBMatOnline::offlineObject.

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