sgpp::combigrid::Stopwatch Class Reference

Simple stopwatch implementation. More...

#include <Stopwatch.hpp>

Public Member Functions

double elapsedSeconds ()
void log ()
 Prints the result of elapsedSeconds() to the console. More...
void start ()
 Re-starts the stopwatch. More...
 Stopwatch ()
 Starts the stopwatch. More...

Detailed Description

Simple stopwatch implementation.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sgpp::combigrid::Stopwatch::Stopwatch ( )

Starts the stopwatch.

Member Function Documentation

double sgpp::combigrid::Stopwatch::elapsedSeconds ( )
the number of seconds that have passed since the last start.

Referenced by log().

void sgpp::combigrid::Stopwatch::log ( )

Prints the result of elapsedSeconds() to the console.

References elapsedSeconds().

void sgpp::combigrid::Stopwatch::start ( )

Re-starts the stopwatch.

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