sgpp::combigrid::NestedPointHierarchy Class Reference

PointHierarchy class for nested point hierarchies (computes the nested points only once), see also AbstractPointHierarchy. More...

#include <NestedPointHierarchy.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

virtual std::vector< double > & computePoints (size_t level)
virtual size_t getNumPoints (size_t level)
virtual double getPoint (size_t level, size_t index)
virtual std::vector< double > getPoints (size_t level, bool sorted)
virtual std::shared_ptr< AbstractPermutationIteratorgetSortedPermutationIterator (size_t level)
virtual bool isNested ()
 NestedPointHierarchy (std::shared_ptr< AbstractPointDistribution > pointDistribution, std::shared_ptr< AbstractPointOrdering > pointOrdering)
virtual ~NestedPointHierarchy ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from sgpp::combigrid::AbstractPointHierarchy
virtual ~AbstractPointHierarchy ()

Detailed Description

PointHierarchy class for nested point hierarchies (computes the nested points only once), see also AbstractPointHierarchy.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sgpp::combigrid::NestedPointHierarchy::NestedPointHierarchy ( std::shared_ptr< AbstractPointDistribution pointDistribution,
std::shared_ptr< AbstractPointOrdering pointOrdering 
sgpp::combigrid::NestedPointHierarchy::~NestedPointHierarchy ( )

Member Function Documentation

std::vector< double > & sgpp::combigrid::NestedPointHierarchy::computePoints ( size_t  level)

References getNumPoints().

Referenced by getPoint(), and getPoints().

size_t sgpp::combigrid::NestedPointHierarchy::getNumPoints ( size_t  level)
Returns the number of points in the given level.

Implements sgpp::combigrid::AbstractPointHierarchy.

References level.

Referenced by computePoints(), getPoint(), getPoints(), and getSortedPermutationIterator().

double sgpp::combigrid::NestedPointHierarchy::getPoint ( size_t  level,
size_t  index 
Returns the grid point for the given level and index. (0 <= index < getNumPoints(level)). In the case of NestedPointHierarchy, this also works if the argument level is smaller than the real level. This is necessary because the CombigridTreeStorage loses the level information on the way to calling this method.

Implements sgpp::combigrid::AbstractPointHierarchy.

References computePoints(), getNumPoints(), and level.

std::vector< double > sgpp::combigrid::NestedPointHierarchy::getPoints ( size_t  level,
bool  sorted 
Returns a vector with all points for the given level. If sorted == true, then the points returned are sorted. Depending on the configured PointOrdering, this might be slower than not sorting the points.

Implements sgpp::combigrid::AbstractPointHierarchy.

References computePoints(), getNumPoints(), getSortedPermutationIterator(), and python.statsfileInfo::i.

Referenced by,,, and

std::shared_ptr< AbstractPermutationIterator > sgpp::combigrid::NestedPointHierarchy::getSortedPermutationIterator ( size_t  level)
Returns a permutation iterator which can be used to traverse the points in their sorted (ascending) order.

Implements sgpp::combigrid::AbstractPointHierarchy.

References getNumPoints(), and level.

Referenced by getPoints().

bool sgpp::combigrid::NestedPointHierarchy::isNested ( )
Returns true if the points of a level are always a subset of the points at the next level. This should also mean that the points that are common to two levels share the same indices.

Implements sgpp::combigrid::AbstractPointHierarchy.

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