sgpp::combigrid::LejaPointDistribution Class Reference

Provides Leja points (which are nested, i. More...

#include <LejaPointDistribution.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

virtual double compute (size_t numPoints, size_t j)
 computes the j-th grid point from the set of numPoints grid points. More...
 LejaPointDistribution ()
 LejaPointDistribution (SingleFunction weightFunction)
virtual ~LejaPointDistribution ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from sgpp::combigrid::AbstractPointDistribution
virtual ~AbstractPointDistribution ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void calc_leja_points (std::vector< double > &sortedPoints, std::vector< double > &points, int number, double lower_bound, double upper_bound, std::function< double(double)> weight_func, double epsilon=1e-12)
 calculates Leja points More...

Detailed Description

Provides Leja points (which are nested, i.

e. the set of n leja points is a subset of the set of n+1 leja points). Also accepts a weight function to compute weighted Leja points.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sgpp::combigrid::LejaPointDistribution::LejaPointDistribution ( )
sgpp::combigrid::LejaPointDistribution::LejaPointDistribution ( SingleFunction  weightFunction)
sgpp::combigrid::LejaPointDistribution::~LejaPointDistribution ( )

Member Function Documentation

void sgpp::combigrid::LejaPointDistribution::calc_leja_points ( std::vector< double > &  sortedPoints,
std::vector< double > &  points,
int  number,
double  lower_bound,
double  upper_bound,
std::function< double(double)>  weight_func,
double  epsilon = 1e-12 

calculates Leja points

epsilonerror threshold
sortedPointscurrent Points
pointscurrent Points, new points will be added to this list
numbernumber of next leja points, new points will be addes to this list
lower_boundlower bound for the range of the points
upper_boundupper bound for the range of the points
weight_functhe weight function

References sgpp::combigrid::OptimizationGuess::b, python.statsfileInfo::i, sgpp::combigrid::OptimizationGuess::initial(), python.utils.statsfile2gnuplot::j, python.leja::lower_bound, and sgpp::combigrid::MixedOptimizer::minimize().

Referenced by compute().

double sgpp::combigrid::LejaPointDistribution::compute ( size_t  numPoints,
size_t  j 

computes the j-th grid point from the set of numPoints grid points.

Implements sgpp::combigrid::AbstractPointDistribution.

References calc_leja_points(), sgpp::combigrid::GeneralFunction< Out, In >::getStdFunction(), and python.utils.statsfile2gnuplot::j.

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