sgpp::base::OCLClonedBuffer Class Reference

#include <OCLClonedBuffer.hpp>

Public Member Functions

void freeBuffer ()
cl_mem * getBuffer (size_t deviceNumber)
void initializeBuffer (void *initialValues, size_t sizeofType, size_t elements)
bool isInitialized ()
 OCLClonedBuffer (std::shared_ptr< OCLManager > manager)
void readFromBuffer (void *hostData, size_t *offsets=nullptr, size_t *ranges=nullptr)
void writeToBuffer (void *hostData, size_t *offsets=nullptr)
 ~OCLClonedBuffer ()

Public Attributes

cl_mem * bufferList
size_t elements
bool initialized
std::shared_ptr< OCLManagermanager
size_t sizeofType

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sgpp::base::OCLClonedBuffer::OCLClonedBuffer ( std::shared_ptr< OCLManager manager)
sgpp::base::OCLClonedBuffer::~OCLClonedBuffer ( )

References freeBuffer().

Member Function Documentation

cl_mem * sgpp::base::OCLClonedBuffer::getBuffer ( size_t  deviceNumber)
void sgpp::base::OCLClonedBuffer::initializeBuffer ( void *  initialValues,
size_t  sizeofType,
size_t  elements 
bool sgpp::base::OCLClonedBuffer::isInitialized ( )
void sgpp::base::OCLClonedBuffer::readFromBuffer ( void *  hostData,
size_t *  offsets = nullptr,
size_t *  ranges = nullptr 

References python.statsfileInfo::i, and manager.

void sgpp::base::OCLClonedBuffer::writeToBuffer ( void *  hostData,
size_t *  offsets = nullptr 

References python.statsfileInfo::i, and manager.

Member Data Documentation

cl_mem* sgpp::base::OCLClonedBuffer::bufferList
size_t sgpp::base::OCLClonedBuffer::elements
std::shared_ptr<OCLManager> sgpp::base::OCLClonedBuffer::manager
size_t sgpp::base::OCLClonedBuffer::sizeofType

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