sgpp::base::ConvertLinearToPrewavelet Class Reference

Class that implements the transformation of a hierarchical linear sparse grid to a hierarchical prewavelet sparse grid. More...

#include <ConvertLinearToPrewavelet.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 ConvertLinearToPrewavelet (GridStorage &storage, GridStorage &shadowstorage)
 Constructor, must be bind to a grid. More...
void operator() (DataVector &source, DataVector &result, grid_iterator &index, size_t dim)
 Converts a given linear base to a prewavelet base. More...
 ~ConvertLinearToPrewavelet ()
 Destructor. More...

Protected Types

typedef GridStorage::grid_iterator grid_iterator
typedef index_t index_type
typedef level_t level_type

Protected Attributes

 the grid object More...

Detailed Description

Class that implements the transformation of a hierarchical linear sparse grid to a hierarchical prewavelet sparse grid.

Therefore the ()operator is implemented in order to use the sweep algorithm for the grid traversal. Let the coefficients from the hat basis be \( h_{l,i}\) and from the prewavelet basis \( u_{l,i} \). To calculate the surplusses, temp values are needed:

\[ (l,i)\neq G_{n}^{1}:t_{l,i}=-\frac{6}{10}u_{l,i\pm1}+t_{l+1,2i} \]

All temp values for levels greater than the maximal level of the grid are set to 0. The actual transformation is defined by the following tridiagonal equation system:

\begin{eqnarray*} \frac{16}{10}u_{l,i}+\frac{4}{10}u_{l,i\pm2}&=&h_{l,i}-t_{l+1,2i}+\frac{1}{2}t_{l+1,2(i\pm1)}\\\frac{12}{10}u_{l,1}+\frac{4}{10}u_{l,3}&=&h_{l,1}-t_{l+1,2}+\frac{1}{2}t_{l+1,4}\\\frac{12}{10}u_{l,2^{l}-1}+\frac{4}{10}u_{l,2^{l}-3}&=&h_{l,2^{l}-1}-t_{l+1,2(2^{l}-1)}+\frac{1}{2}t_{l+1,2(2^{l}-2)} \end{eqnarray*}

For solving these tridiagonal systems, the method described in was used. Some odd Fileopen® plugin is needed to open that file ... sorry for that! the picture depicts all needed variables in oder to perform the transformation:

This picture shows all involved gridpoints (red crosses) and temp values (green circles) to calculate the new hierarchical coefficients (red arrows) and new temp values (green arrows).

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

sgpp::base::ConvertLinearToPrewavelet::ConvertLinearToPrewavelet ( GridStorage storage,
GridStorage shadowstorage 

Constructor, must be bind to a grid.

An adaptive grid with prewavelet ansatz functions requires for operations using the up-down algorithm shadow points. These shadow points a needed just for data transport, thus they do not have an influence on the final function. Please refer to sgpp::pde::UpDownOneOpDimWithShadow for more information.

storagethe grid storage object of the the grid, on which the hierarchisation should be executed
shadowstorageshadow points (see detailed description)
sgpp::base::ConvertLinearToPrewavelet::~ConvertLinearToPrewavelet ( )


References chess::dim, and operator()().

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Member Data Documentation

GridStorage& sgpp::base::ConvertLinearToPrewavelet::shadowstorage
GridStorage& sgpp::base::ConvertLinearToPrewavelet::storage

the grid object

Referenced by operator()().

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