python.uq.learner.builder.CGSolverDescriptor.CGSolverDescriptor Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for python.uq.learner.builder.CGSolverDescriptor.CGSolverDescriptor:

Public Member Functions

def __getattr__ (self, attr)
def __init__ (self, builder)
def withAccuracy (self, accuracy)
def withAlphaReusing (self)
def withImax (self, imax)
def withThreshold (self, threshold)

Detailed Description

CGSolver Descriptor helps to implement fluid interface patter on python
it encapsulates functionality concerning creation of the CG-Solver

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def python.uq.learner.builder.CGSolverDescriptor.CGSolverDescriptor.__init__ (   self,

References python.uq.learner.builder.CGSolverDescriptor.CGSolverDescriptor.__solver, python.learner.LearnerBuilder.LearnerBuilder.CGSolverDescriptor.__solver, python.uq.analysis.asgc.ASGCDescriptor.ASGCDescriptor._builder, and python.uq.learner.builder.CGSolverDescriptor.CGSolverDescriptor._builder.

Member Function Documentation

def python.uq.learner.builder.CGSolverDescriptor.CGSolverDescriptor.__getattr__ (   self,
Overrides built-in method
if method called is not a object method of this Descriptor, most
probably it's a method of LearnerBuilder so it tries to call the
method from our builder
@param attr: String for method name
@return: Method calling in LearnerBuilder

References python.uq.analysis.asgc.ASGCDescriptor.ASGCDescriptor._builder, and python.uq.learner.builder.CGSolverDescriptor.CGSolverDescriptor._builder.

def python.uq.learner.builder.CGSolverDescriptor.CGSolverDescriptor.withAccuracy (   self,
Defines the accuracy of CG-Solver
@param accuracy: float for accuracy
def python.uq.learner.builder.CGSolverDescriptor.CGSolverDescriptor.withAlphaReusing (   self)
The reusage of previous alpha data in the CG iteration
def python.uq.learner.builder.CGSolverDescriptor.CGSolverDescriptor.withImax (   self,
Defines the maximal number of iterations in CG algorithms
@param imax: integer for maximal number of iteration in CG
def python.uq.learner.builder.CGSolverDescriptor.CGSolverDescriptor.withThreshold (   self,
Defines the maximal accuracy. If the norm of the residuum
falls below this threshold, stop the CG iterations.
@param threshold: float maximal accuracy

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