python.learner.LearnedKnowledge.LearnedKnowledge Class Reference

Class keeps all information, which was learned during the learning process. More...

Inheritance diagram for python.learner.LearnedKnowledge.LearnedKnowledge:

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self)
 Constructor. More...
def createMemento (self)
 Creates a new memento to hold the current state. More...
def getAlphas (self)
 Returns current alpha vector. More...
def setMemento (self, memento)
 Restores the state which is saved in the given memento. More...
def update (self, alpha)
 Alters the current alpha vector. More...

Detailed Description

Class keeps all information, which was learned during the learning process.

Currently, only the alpha vector is stored, by in the future more information may come.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def python.learner.LearnedKnowledge.LearnedKnowledge.__init__ (   self)


References python.learner.LearnedKnowledge.LearnedKnowledge.__alphas.

Member Function Documentation

def python.learner.LearnedKnowledge.LearnedKnowledge.createMemento (   self)

Creates a new memento to hold the current state.

a new memento

References python.learner.LearnedKnowledge.LearnedKnowledge.__alphas.

Referenced by python.uq.analysis.asgc.ASGCKnowledge.ASGCKnowledge.writeToFile(), and python.uq.uq_setting.UQSetting.UQSetting.writeToFile().

def python.learner.LearnedKnowledge.LearnedKnowledge.getAlphas (   self)

Returns current alpha vector.

: DataVector of current alpha

References python.learner.LearnedKnowledge.LearnedKnowledge.__alphas.

def python.learner.LearnedKnowledge.LearnedKnowledge.update (   self,

Alters the current alpha vector.

alphanew alpha vector
: LearnedKnowledge itself

References python.learner.LearnedKnowledge.LearnedKnowledge.__alphas.

Referenced by python.uq.refinement.RefinementStrategy.Ranking.rank(), and python.learner.LearnedKnowledge.LearnedKnowledge.setMemento().

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