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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNcombigridImplement a point stretching
|oCAbstractStretchingMakerClass to create stretching in 1D
|oCAtanSpecialStretchingStretching formula with the following matlab formula:
L = 6;
N = -1:(1/2^L):1;
Fakt = 5.3;
V = tan(((pi/2) - 1/Fakt)*N);
V1 = 3*atan( (N)
|oCBasisFunctionBasisThe basis function for 1D Cell, the generalization for ND is simply the tensor product
|oCCombiArbitrarySchemeCombischeme created with from an arbitrary active set of full grids
|oCCombigridLevelVectorLevelvector allowing computations done in hegland.2003.adaptive equation (16) for the computation of required grid to create a valid combination solution
|oCFullGridThe full grid class which is the main building block of the combi grid
It is important that the grid will actually occupy memory when the createFullGrid() method is called
|oCGridDomainGrid domain
|oCGridPlotterPlott one grid in a matlab file
|oCLinearBasisFunctionLinear basis function
|oCTanStretchingThe stretching function of this class is:
octave:28> intFact = 1/4;
octave:29> x=(-pi/2+intFact):2^-L:(pi/2-intFact);
octave:30> y = tan(x);
|oNoptimizationSG++ module for optimization of smooth sparse grid interpolants