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 This specifies the available serialization versions. More...

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This specifies the available serialization versions.

Version 1: classic verions without leaf proeperty Version 2: every gridpoint is extended by one boolean that specifies if it's a leaf Version 3: added support for the grid's bounding box Version 4: needed for import of the Bonner's Sparse Grid Definition files; same as Ver 3 but without leaf property, NOT FOR EXPORT Version 5: differentiate BoundingBox and Stretching, added support for stretching. Version 6: added PointDistribution to HashGridPoint ("Normal" with x = i*2^(-l) and "ClenshawCurtis") Version 7: PointDistribution changed from enum to enum class Version 8: Add custom boundaryLevel (>= 1) for LinearBoundaryGrid etc. Version 9: Remove PointDistribution again, include Clenshaw-Curtis points in Stretching

Referenced by sgpp::base::HashGridStorage::getLevelIndexMaskArraysForModEval(), sgpp::base::Stretching::getStretching1D(), and sgpp::base::BoundingBox::isContainingPoint().